Vision Renewed: Jabalpur’s Compassionate Eye Care Hub

Dada Virendra puri Ji Eye Institute


Welcome to the heart of India, where the Narmada River flows peacefully, and a beacon of hope shines bright on its banks. On April 2, 2017, the Dada Virendra puri Ji Eye Institute (Dvjei Netralaya) inaugurated in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, as a philanthropic tribute by its founder, Dr. Pawan Sthapak, to his spiritual mentor, Dada Virendrapuri Ji Maharaj. It’s not just an eye institute; it’s a testament to compassion and a commitment to restore sight and renew lives.

Vision Beyond Boundaries

Dr. Pawan Sthapak’s vision went beyond the limits of financial backgrounds and social standing. He envisioned an institution dedicated to bringing the Best possible eye care, adhering to international quality standards, to every patient. At Dvjei Netralaya, the guiding principle is simple: eye care for all, without exceptions.

Serving the Downtrodden

Our institution is driven by a commitment to delivering top notch eye care to the vulnerable individuals. We strive to extend our services to the villages of Madhya Pradesh, where accessing such facilities can sometimes be challenging. The satisfaction of seeing a person from a humble background receive treatment and leave with a smile is immeasurable. It’s this joy that fuels their tireless service.

 Fulfilling a Mentor’s Aspirations

In the eyes of Dr. Pawan Sthapak, Dvjei Netralaya is more than a hospital; it’s a place where he believes he’s fulfilling his spiritual mentor’s aspirations. It’s a path to salvation, a journey of service that transcends boundaries and touches lives.

 A Comprehensive Approach to Eye Care

Dvjei Netralaya offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that every patient receives the care they deserve:

  • Best Lasik Surgery in Jabalpur: Transforming lives through advanced LASIK procedures that free individuals from glasses and contact lenses.

  • Eye Specialist Hospital in Jabalpur: A place where expertise meets compassion, offering a wide array of eye care services with a friendly touch. 

  • Retina Specialist in Jabalpur: The institute houses experts dedicated to addressing complex retinal issues, preserving patients’ vision and well-being. 

  • Best Glaucoma Specialist in Jabalpur: For those diagnosed with glaucoma, Dvjei Netralaya ensures precise diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.

 Hygiene and Patient Care

Quality eye care isn’t just about expertise; it’s also about providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients. Hygiene is a top priority at Dvjei Netralaya, and each patient is treated with the utmost care and respect.


In summary, Dvjei Netralaya isn’t just an eye institute; it’s a place where vision is restored, hope is renewed, and lives are transformed. Dr. Pawan Sthapak and his team are more than experts; they are visionaries with a mission to bring light into the lives of others. Every patient, regardless of their background, is welcomed into a world where expert cataract surgery and comprehensive eye care are provided with love and compassion.

The journey at Dvjei Netralaya is a shared one, where patients find not just medical care but also the warmth of a friendly team. It’s a place where the power of human kindness intersects with medical excellence.




Dada Virendra puri Ji Eye Institute

A: Dvjei Netralaya is unique for its commitment to providing high-quality eye care to all sections of society, its philanthropic approach, and a dedication to reaching the underprivileged in remote areas.


 Yes, Dr. Pawan Sthapak is an experienced cataract surgeon with a deep commitment to restoring vision and changing lives.

Dvjei Netralaya places a strong emphasis on hygiene and provides a well maintained, safe, and comfortable environment for all patients.

You can reach out to Dvjei Netralaya for services by contacting them directly or visiting their facility in Jabalpur.

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